The Media Review Network South Africa (MRN) anxiously awaits the return of the 19 person South African delegation which includes the Vice Chairman of the MRN, Aayesha Soni, currently trapped in the Gaza Strip. We have been in close contact with members of the delegation that have remained optimistic and steadfast in their resolve as they experience the uncertainty, anxiety and the conditions that have become a daily hardship for the Gazan population.

As we wait for confirmation of the delegation’s possible safe passage through the Rafah Crossing and back home via Cairo, our hearts remain inter-twined with the families of the loved ones besieged in the coastal sliver.

We applaud and thank the Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO) for their timely assistance as well as the many individuals working silently in the background to facilitate the safe return of our countryman, friends and family.

This experience sheds light once more on the brutality of the siege imposed on Gaza. This siege has obliterated the dignity of an entire nation as basic necessities such as water have become unsafe for human consumption and electricity a luxury. The extent of collective punishment of a captive population have been felt as far a field as South Africa as concern for the delegation mounts. Our prayers are with the people of Gaza and those trapped within as the viciousness of this siege becomes more prevalent. It has become unconscionable for the people of the World to remain silent any longer.

End the Siege! End the Brutality!


Issued by Zaakir Ahmed Mayet

Chairman of the Media Review Network South Africa