The Media Review Network is shocked and alarmed at reports that a private deal between our Government and the coup-leader in Egypt may be in the offing. If these reports are correct it will mean that the South African Government will be undermining its own known policies against military coups. The SA Government supported the African Union (AU) when it suspended Egypt’s membership of the Union following the military coup that ousted Mohammed Morsi.

The visit by our Minister of State Security will weaken and raise doubts on our credibility within the AU, since we correctly supported the suspension of Egypt from this body. It is tantamount to legitimising the illegal government in Cairo. This blatant application of double standards by our Government will open the door for the western- supported military government  in Cairo to determine our foreign and internal policies. Hence its demand for our Government to ban the Muslim Brotherhood.  In addition, it appears as if our government is now openly advocating the return of the oppressive and brutal Mubarak-era politics in Egypt.

The MRN finds this arrogance of the Egyptians to be vile and revolting. We urge our Government to dismiss this demand with the contempt it deserves. Furthermore, if these reports are true, the Government must as a matter of urgency, provide the South African public with the assurance that the meetings behind closed doors between Minister Cwele and the Egyptians will not be a means to provide the illegal coup regime a backdoor to legitimacy.

Ibrahim Vawda

Senior Researcher: Media Review Network

Tel No: 011 837 3220

Cell No: 072 295 0088

Author: Ibrahim VawdaEx educator and spent the last 14 years in education as headmaster. A proud Muslim and keen internationalist. Passionate about human rights issues. No respect for politicians.