The Muslim Lawyers Association (MLA), Johannesburg will be protesting against the unjust and morally reprehensible incarceration of Muazzam Begg (Begg) presently held by British Police Authorities at West Midlands Police in Birmingham.

Begg, a Muslim British citizen, who, with his family ,  moved to Afghanistan in 2001  to run a girls school , was held in the US run military prison at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba for nearly three years. This followed his detention in Islamabad in Pakistan where he lived after the war in Afghanistan started; and his subsequent incarceration at the Bagram internment centre in Afghanistan for about a year .He was never charged with any offence. He was released in January 2005 along with three other British citizens and returned to the UK.

On 25 February 2014 Begg, together with amongst others, Gerrie Tehari, was arrested in London. He faces alleged “terror offences” related to Syria. He has been remanded in custody after appearing in courton 1 March 2014.

The MLA calls for the immediate release of Begg, and all other prisoners incarcerated under the unjust and inhumane British “anti terror “laws. The British “anti terror” laws define terrorism so broadly that almost any act (even one intended and done to pursue a just and legitimate cause) would constitute a terrorist act.

Thus far only Muslims have been prosecuted under the British “anti-terror” legislation.

The MLA stands in solidarity with CAGE, UK, an organisation Moazzam Begg co-directs, and one committed to protecting the rights of Muslim prisoners incarcerated by countries such as the UK and the U.S.A in their much publicised “war on terror”.

The MLA calls on all people and organisations of conscience to stand for justice, and protest against yet another attempt by the UK to terrorise Begg and other campaigners for justice.

You are invited to join our protest action due to take place at the British Consulate. The details are provided hereunder:

Date: Friday, 7 March 2014

Time: 13h30 – 15h00

Physical Address:  275 Jan Smuts Avenue, Dunkeld West, 2196

Johannesburg, South Africa

 Issued by the MLA

4 March 2014

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