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The current state-sponsored terrorism and slaughter in Gaza is in line with the Zionist military intelligence motto “war by deception”.

The Media Review Network is not surprised at the reports out of the western media that Hamas, the democratically elected government in the Gaza, violated the Egyptian sponsored “ceasefire”.

“Israel ends ceasefire in response to rockets from Gaza”, read a headline in the Washington Post. The story goes that the Zionist entity tried its best to give “peace” a chance, but Hamas would not comply. The Zionists are now justified to “defend themselves”.

The truth of the matter is that Hamas was never consulted by Egypt when discussing the ceasefire. Hamas heard of the so-called “ceasefire” through the media. In addition, Hamas never accepted the ceasefire for it to have been violated and Israel to end the ceasefire.

The ceasefire conditions for Hamas have always been consistent, which includes lifting of the siege, freedom of movement, freeing of political prisoners held without charge.

Egypt’s hypocritical attempt to broker a “peace deal” is laughable. Since the installation of the illegal military regime in Cairo, Egypt has been complicit in the siege, strangulation, deprivation and starvation of Gaza. The siege is living death.
Together with Egypt, the Arab League, because of its deafening silence and inaction, must be held equally responsible for what is happening to the hapless Palestinians.

During “Operation Caste Lead” as well as “Operation Pillar of Defence”, it was the Zionists who violated the truce agreements.

We invariably hear about Israel’s security concerns, while that of the Palestinians is hardly mentioned. This, despite  the constant military aggression inflicted upon the Palestinian population by Israel. The Zionist entity always used the pretext of “self-defence” to fend off any international criticism.

The bogus “ceasefire” initiative gives the Zionist entity the opportunity to continue relentlessly with its policy of genocide and ethnic cleansing and to complete the Zionist puzzle which began when atheist Theodore Herzl first planted the seed of “Eretz Israel” at the end of the 19th Century.

Issued by:

Ibrahim Vawda

Senior Researcher, Media Review Network

Tel No (O): 011 837 3220