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MRN Welcomes Leila Khaled to South Africa

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Issued: 06 February 2015

Palestinian struggle icon Leila Khaled has arrived in South Africa today, Friday 06 February 2015. The Media Review Network welcomes her landing onto our shores with great pride and excitement.

Khaled represents more than just a struggle hero for the Palestinian cause. She is a symbol of resistance against oppression, strength in the face of hopelessness and a fighter for liberty and justice. It is these types of traits that foster change that the world is so desperate for.

The Media Review Network applauds her courageous efforts against the silence of the world and its tolerance of Israel’s impunity of Israel. Her visit is an indication of the great sympathy South Africans have for the plight of the Palestinians and the shared history of oppression by tyrants and thieves.

We as the citizens of South Africa, where freedom is enjoyed, must make every effort to end the oppression in Palestine by exerting pressure on our government and send a clear message that FREEDOM is for ALL and not for SOME!

Issued by:

Nabila Ismail

Researcher, Media Review Network

Tel: 011 837 3220