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Hamas Ends Momentous Tour


Issued: 21 October 2015

The Media Review Network (MRN) extends its heartfelt congratulations to the Palestinian leadership of the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, for a successful and triumphant trip to South Africa. Without doubt this has been a momentous achievement and a tremendous historical event for South Africans and Palestinians alike.

This long overdue visit was coordinated and attained through the courageous efforts of the African National Congress (ANC) and we thank them for taking this stand.  The ANC and Hamas have a shared history of struggle and resistance against Apartheid regimes for the liberation of their people, thus this visit solidified the solidarity amongst the nations.

Hamas is the foremost legitimate political opposition to the Zionist entity and this trip by the Hamas delegation impressed upon that notion. Throughout the trip the head of Hamas, Khalid Meshaal, reiterated the importance of the resistance of the Palestinians and the solidarity work and campaigns of South Africans to accomplish the peace, freedom and dignity denied to Palestinians.

The Zionist entity and its lobby have attempted to taint the credibility and legitimacy of Hamas. But it is absolutely clear that they have failed in South Africa and with the South African leadership.

The MRN is absolutely ecstatic by the achievement of this trip and wish Hamas every success going forth. This visit has been exceptionally inspirational and we as the MRN applaud the brave and spirited efforts of the ANC, the Palestinians and Hamas. With heavy hearts we bid a bitter-sweet goodbye to our Hamas brothers and pray for their safe return home.

Issued By:

Zaakir Mayet:  Chairman, Media Review Network   

Cell: 0847864003

Dr Firoz Osman: Executive Member: Media Review Network,

Cell: 0823376976