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Third Global Convention for Solidarity with Palestine: 8th -10th December 2015

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The Media Review Network (MRN) was invited to attend the third Global Convention for Solidarity with Palestine held in Beirut, Lebanon,  8th  to 10th December  2015.

Over 250 delegates together with the youth from all over the world, including Spain, Scotland, Italy, Greece, Senegal, Cameroon, Kenya, Chile, Venezuela and the Middle East, descended on Beirut.

The issue of Occupied Palestine remained the central theme of the Conference. However, the Conference provided delegates an opportunity to discuss the crises in the region including Yemen, Syria and the so-called Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL). In discussions, the diabolical role of Saudi Arabia was seriously scrutinised. This translates into active collusion with the Israeli regime. What is well-known about the Israeli plan is the destruction of the Al Aqsa  Mosque, the siege on Gaza, the settler terrorist activities and countless other human rights violations perpetrated by the occupiers.

Attorney Ziyaad Patel, who represented Gadija Davids in the Mavi Marmara case, accompanied the MRN team.  In his presentation, the Attorney encouraged the use of lawfare as a legitimate legal tool of resistance against occupation. He cited the warrants of arrest issued by the Turkish High Court against high ranking Zionist military commanders as a victory of lawfare.

The Conference delegates were taken on a tour of Southern Lebanon which was subjugated by the Zionist regime in Occupied Palestine.  The Zionist nuclear military force was finally defeated in 2006 and expelled from Southern Lebanon. Lebanon was finally liberated.

The Conference aimed to energise civil society on ways and means to further the Palestinian cause and to ensure that it remains alive and relevant. It insisted on the sacred and inalienable right of the Palestinian people in the diaspora to return to their homeland.

The Conference resolved to increase public awareness of the tragedy resulting from the Nakba in 1948 by ensuring the Palestinian narrative is not marginalised by mainstream media. A dedicated committee of legal specialists will explore opportunities to expose Zionist atrocities and human rights violations as a result of its continuous occupation of historic Palestine.

The MRN of Johannesburg, South Africa, fully supports the initiatives and objectives of the Conference.


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