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Egyptian police escort jailed SA humanitarian Sheik Bassiouni to daughter’s wedding in Cairo

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bassiouni wedding 1With tears, delight and relief, the Bassiouni family welcomes the event of Sheikh Bassiouni attending his beloved daughter’s wedding.  It is overwhelming to be reunited with our father, even if momentarily, after a tremendously painful year of his illegal detention. The family is overcome with mixed emotions of tribulation, disbelief and anxiety as it was for this wedding that my father, his children and grandchildren embarked on the trip to Egypt in December 2014 and was postponed due to Dr. Bassiouni being unfairly detained on arrival and kept in prison without charge. We are grateful of the blessing that Sheikh has been allowed to attend the wedding but at the same time, we continue question the basis of his illegal detention in the first place.

May his presence at the wedding be an important step to his long yearned freedom. We celebrate this temporary achievement that has brought immense joy to the bride, family and friends, and we are rejuvenated to continue pursuing our father’s unconditional release and return home to South Africa.

For more information contact:

Bilal Bassiouni

Son of Abdus Salaam Jad Bassiouni

Cell: 079 398 7272/ 062 130 9465