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Festive Season A Time For Reflection Not Revelry

This December adherents of Islam, Christianity and Judaism commemorate the birth and message of their prophets Muhammad, Isa (Jesus) and Musa (Moses), peace be upon them. Muslims, Christians and Jews celebrate the Milad, Christmas and Chanukkah on the 11th, 24th and 25th respectively.


All these great prophets came with the fundamental message and method to bring about justice to the oppressed in the the Holy Lands and it’s surrounds in Makka, Jerusalem and the Sinai. What seems to be forgotten is that their lifelong struggle against the tyrants of the day, who amassed immense wealth and power through exploitation of the destitute, is forgotten, as the followers engage in ritualism and merriment.


The Saudi Arabian regime have claimed to be the custodians of Makka and Medina, the city of the prophet, are far removed from emulating the goals of the prophet in delivering social justice to the poor and downtrodden.


Pilgrims to the holy cities have been routinely ripped off by the hoteliers, which are owned by the elite and corrupt royal family. The monarchy is protected and armed by the West, the USA and Britain in particular, stealing from state coffers and squandering the countries wealth.


The Saudis have pulverized the poorest Arab state, Yemen, by bombing schools, hospitals and infrastructure. That has left more than 80% of the population destitute and in dire need of food, shelter and water. They are more concerned with preserving their crowns than alleviating the suffering of the needy.


In Palestine Jesus’ only credentials were himself. He never wrote a book, commanded an army, held a political office, or owned property. It was primarily Jesus’ unique claims that caused him to be viewed as a threat by both the Roman authorities and the Jewish hierarchy. Although he was an outsider with no credentials or political power base, within three years, Jesus changed the world for the next 20 centuries. Other moral and religious leaders have left an impact—but few like that unknown carpenter’s son from Nazareth.


It is a failure to adhere to the teachings of Prophet Jesus that led to numerous wars, the Crusades, the Inquisitions, various European wars during the Middle Ages, and witchcraft trials. The invasions and occupation of Iraq and the support of despots by Western leaders such as George Bush and the right-wing cabals claim to be doing it in the name of Christianity.  A distortion of the prophets teachings even gave rise to Apartheid, both in South Africa and Zionist Israel.



There is no concrete and valid information of the day Prophet Musa, Moses,  was born. But in this month occurs the Jewish holiday of Chanukah, a festival that Jews mark as the rededication to Judaism, celebrated by the kindling of eight candles.


Chanukah — the eight-day festival of light that begins on the eve of the 25th of the Jewish month of Kislev — celebrates the triumph of light over darkness, of purity over adulteration, of spirituality over materiality.


Yet Israel, which calls itself a “Jewish state”, follows a tribal or ethnocentric strand of Judaism, interpreting the Covenant in material and racist terms based on political Zionism. The theft of Palestinian lands, numerous massacres, expulsion of the indigenous inhabitants and the strangulating siege on Gaza is reminiscent of the Pharaoh’s barbarity that Moses opposed.


The three cherished prophets, peace be upon them, are ritualistically revered and  remembered during this month, but not for their lifelong struggle against the tyranny of Egypt’s pharaoh, the Roman empire and the power structure in the Arabian peninsula, or their equivalents today.


The prophets revolutionary struggle for social justice would have earned them the label of radicals, rebels, fundamentalists, revolutionaries and yes, even terrorists! They opposed the status quo, seeking justice for the oppressed and downtrodden.


How do the Muslims in Arabia, Jews in Israel and Christians in America feel, as they fill up the mosques, synagogues and churches, about the wanton murder of innocent women and children butchered and bludgeoned in Yemen, Palestine and Iraq? One can add Mosul, Aleppo, and scores of other cities.


This is a time for reflection and not revelry and hedonism. We should be inspired so as to restore the true message , values and spirit that these great prophets of love, compassion and justice sought to instill in mankind.