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No End In Sight for Syrians

The Media Review Network expresses it deep concern with regard to the recent events which have dragged the Syrian people deeper in to the pit of despair. The recent deaths occasioned by chemical agents and militarism by the United States seeks only to deepen the crisis. These actions must be condemned in the strongest of terms.

The concerning development in the Syrian theater of operations is the recent US cruise missile strikes on Syrian government targets. US President Trump has justified his actions as one of altruism towards the Syrian people. This statement is riddled with hypocrisy as Syria was one of the countries affected by Trumps ‘Muslim ban’. This blatant hypocrisy evidences the true reasons for intervention; being geopolitical intentions. Same cannot be viewed in isolation of the recent events of Israeli militarism. The conflation between the two geopolitical allies further supports the conclusion of further destabilisation and malicious intentions towards Syrian and its people.

The Media Review Network calls on all parties to de-escalate the conflict to resolve same and restore normality to the lives of the Syrian people and those impacted by the ghastly conflict.

Issued by:

Zaakir  Ahmed Mayet

Chairman: Media Review Network

084 786 4003