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Trump’s colonial psychosis

The Media Review Network condemns the use of destructive weaponry on the impoverish and brutalised people of Afghanistan. The war of terror was unleashed on the poverty stricken nation under the Bush administration which exercised principles of collective punishment and vengeance on a people in a remote part of the world. The Trump administration has once again brought the hounds of war, death and destruction back to the global scene with gusto. On the 13th April 2017 the Trump administration deployed one of the largest non-nuclear weapons a Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB) on Nangarhar province in Afghanistan. The Province also hosts the country’s Capital, Jalalabad and a population of 1,436,000 according to Afghan sources. This weapon of mass destruction is alleged to obliterate everything in a 1.6km radius, cause deafness at 3km and damage to buildings 8km away from the point of impact.

The unleashing of such forces of destruction must be condemned and the Trump administration must be held liable for civilian casualties as a result of their actions. Furthermore we condemn the utilisation of occupied countries and peoples as testing grounds for western powers. The concept of the “other” and the sub-human subject has been evident in the colonial mind-set which perpetuates itself in the Trump administration’s policies and rhetoric. This process of dehumanisation attempts to legitimises the experimentation and brutalisation as is the modus of colonial powers. As the global collective moves closer toward decolonisation, we implore one and all to deconstruct the mindset and narrative.

We call on all justice loving people to rein in the forces of anarchy which seek to plunge the world into war, suffering and destruction.

Issued by:

Zaakir  Ahmed Mayet

Chairman: Media Review Network

084 786 4003