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Daggers in the backs of Palestinians

Seventy years ago British imperialists implanted the settler colonialist Israeli regime into Palestine, the heart of the Arab and Muslim world. They were aided by France and Germany, and followed later by the USA, which has now opened an embassy in occupied Jerusalem in flagrant violation of international law.

Thousands of unarmed Palestinians have been injured and killed in protests, pleading to the world to recognize their legitimate right to return to their homes. Eighty per cent of the Palestinians in Gaza are refugees from what is now “Israel”. The United Nations, and other international institutions, coerced and pressurised by Western powers including Russia, have dismally failed to deliver justice to the hapless Palestinians.

The Arab regimes, ruled by tyrants or illegitimate monarchies like Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, have joined the West in plunging their daggers deep into the backs of the enslaved Palestinians. Twelve million Palestinians are now under siege and starving in Gaza, or oppressed in the West Bank, or are persecuted under an Apartheid Israeli regime or languish in wretched and miserable refugee camps in the diaspora.

Countries that have trade, military, sporting, cultural or diplomatic relations with Israel, a nation committing heinous crimes against humanity and executing massacres with impunity, cannot be regarded as part of the civilized world. This brutal entity has to be isolated. Israel has been responsible for creating anarchy and mayhem, with their weapons of destruction tested on the imprisoned Palestinians, throughout the world.

Withdrawal of the ambassador, whilst a step in the right direction, will be akin to pulling back an inch of a 10 inch dagger from the bleeding back of the Palestinians. Words of condemnation no longer suffice. The arguments raised by pro-Zionist lobbyists that South Africa displays double standards does not hold water. As pointed out by radio 702 talk show host-it is as if one can only imprison or charge a rapist only if all the other rapists are caught and prosecuted.

If an absolute and total isolation with the murderous Israel entity is not instituted forthwith, then all of us must be regarded as being complicit in the murder of the unarmed Palestinians.


Dr Firoz  Osman

Media Review Network