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The Media Review Network (MRN) is dismayed that, according to media reports, Clover has been made a buyout offer of R4.8bn from investors led by Israel’s Central Bottling Company (CBC). Media reports have also indicated that 60% of new company will be Israeli owned.

The MRN appeals to the Executives and shareholders of Clover, to reconsider their intentions to sell to these prospective investors. 

Based on our South African experience during the 1980’s, South Africa’s apartheid policies and being associated with the then South African regime was economically unwise and a liability.

In support of our appeal we remind the executive and shareholders of Clover that there is an international Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel which is fast gaining recognition and momentum because of:

  • Its daily human rights violations against the Palestinians,
  • Its continued development of settlements against all international legal norms,
  • Its daily raids on and demolitions of Palestinian homes,
  • Its decade long siege of Gaza which enables Israel to decide what goes into and out of the Strip, with the solitary purpose of starving 2 million Palestinians.
  • Only 4 hour supply of electricity per day,
  • Rationing of water supply to Gazan population,
  • The ethnic cleansing and expulsion of Palestinians from historic Palestine,
  • And the list is unending.

Clover should not be seen as working against efforts by international institutions to hold Israel accountable for serious crimes against humanity and war crimes.

The MRN calls on Clover, its Executive and shareholders to view the isolation of Israel, economically, socially and culturally as a non-violent method to pressure Israel to end its desecrations of international law and respect Palestinians human rights.

This call is based and inspired by the successful boycott of Apartheid South Africa.


Ibrahim Vawda

Media Review Network

011 837 3220