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The Media Review Network interprets the latest developments in Kashmir as a grave threat to democracy and its principles which have been jealously guarded by all peace loving and justice-seeking people of the world.

The latest move by the Hindu Nationalist government of Narendra Modi, to scrap Article 370 of the Constitution, has shaken the very foundations of the fundamentals of  democracy. Article 370 ensured a certain degree of autonomy for the Kashmiris. This has now been snatched away by the Indian Parliament like thieves operation under cover of darkness.

In addition to the 800 000 troops stationed in the territory, thousands more have been sent into the region to quell any form of resistance from the Kashmiris. All forms of communication including the internet and  telephone lines, have been severed. 

Human rights activists have strongly condemned India’s unilateral action, stating that these are the first steps in a broader plan to erode Kashmir’s core rights and flood the area with non- Kashmiris, thereby altering the demographics and eventually destroying its character, ala Zionist-Israel. Like Palestine, Kashmir is now officially occupied territory.

The Media Review Network urgently calls on all international and regional bodies including the UN, AU, EU, BRICS as well as our Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO) to compel India to end this blatant, open and naked aggression against the Kashmiris.

Issued by:
Ibrahim Vawda
Media Review Network.

011 837 3220