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15th May 1948—15th May 2020: 72 YEARS AND STILL WAITING.

The Media Review Network (MRN) reminds all and sundry that the Zionist ideology is simple:  Palestinians can and must be expelled from historic Palestine so that settlers can steal and occupy the land.

72 years after that fateful day, 15th May 1948, referred to as the Naqba or the Catastrophe, the world still awaits the establishment of a Palestinian State.

Sadly, that will not happen. Not in the near future.

This tragedy, started in 1948, continues to this day. 560 villages were destroyed and hundreds of thousands of Palestinians killed. It is documented  that over 70 massacres were carried out by the Zionist terror gangs and 750000 expelled from their homes. This Zionist ideology to rid Palestine of all its native population has been unfolding all the while and has been accelerated in the last decade or two.

The Zionist state began a war of terror in Palestine. It set a 7 decades precedent which showed that Palestinians were not welcomed. Naked and undisguised racism confronted them. Persecution was relentless, much the way it is today. Roadblocks and checkpoints went up, curfews imposed, violators shot on sight, and systematic abuse inflicted.

The international community has not only remained silent but have been complicit while the ethnic cleansing and genocide of the Palestinians endures. Europe, the United States and their surrogate Arab regimes have supported this course. India, under the Fascist regime of Narendra Modi, has now joined this club of evil governments.

All the attempts to negotiate a solution to the problem was an empty sham. The time has come for Palestinians and anyone interested in the cause of justice to abandon the charade of official diplomacy. The Zionists always negotiated in bad faith and the so-called Palestinian negotiators led by Mahmood Abbas and assisted by Saeb Erekat and Ahmed Qurei have no legitimacy, offer no credibility and cannot claim to represent Palestinian opinion. In fact they are prepared to bargain away the very core of the Palestinian struggle; the right of return of the Palestinians to their homes from which they were terrorised into leaving when the illegal Zionist state was created in 1948.

The MRN calls on the South African Government to dissociate itself from the charade of the two-state solution and lead a campaign to expose Zionism for what it is: a racist, evil and genocidal ideology, worse than Apartheid.

SA must not betray the Palestinian quest for justice.

Issued By:

Ibrahim Vawda

Media Review Network


072 295 0088