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Incendiary Balloons

The CNN News reader looks me in the eye
Calmly as if he is not an appendage
to the lying machine
The banner beneath reads: BREAKING NEWS

“The Israeli Defense Force strikes Gaza for a second time this week,
after incendiary balloons spark eight fires in Southern Israel…”

There was not time here, nor on any other channel
to talk of the Blockade of Gaza

land, air and seas violated by the occupier and their friends
after the electoral victory of the undesirables in 2007

Retaliatory balloons


For a Far off Freedom

Retaliatory Balloons
against occupation

The pictures speak the thousand untold words of the undying spirit of freedom flying above

Nearby US made F-16 bombs fall
Targeting tunnels, land
inflicting pain on unknown victims
This is restraint, the media says

Meanwhile in the rubble of yesterdays war on the Gaza
Two streets away
A mother grabs her young
consoles her hungry soul
grits her teeth
Cries inside, in defiance of the blocked tear ducts
She looks around her,
the daily cost of occupation grows
Then she looks up to the heavens
… and smiles


Hassen Lorgat, has worked in the trade unions, civic associations as well as NGOs for the past while. He is currently the manager of Policy and Advocacy for the Bench Marks Foundation, and here he writes in his personal capacity.


Hassen Lorgat