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Desai Judge Desai submits that the SAZF complaint is without merit and falls to be dismissed.

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Since the 10th of June 2021, many South Africans from all walks of life have responded with outrage when they learnt through the media of the scurrilous attack on the integrity of Judge Siraj Desai, an eminent advocate of human rights at home and internationally. The perpetrators of this action are the unreconstructed South African apartheid collaborators, the South African Zionist Federation (SAZF). They define themselves as a body that “looks after matters relating to Israel and its image in South Africa.”  Thus, it is plain, no values or principles: just image!

The form of this recent assault was to publicise Zionist falsehoods in a scatter-shot manner by leaking their so-called complaint against Judge Desai to the media before formally lodging it with the Judicial Conduct Committee (JCC).  Principally, the aim of this campaign is to silence critics of Apartheid Israel, a regime accused of committing war crimes and violating human rights with impunity. By attacking human rights activists and organisations, the SAZF wants to deflect criticism of Apartheid Israel and conceal the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians.

International resistance to the policies of Apartheid Israel has led to serious restrictions on organizations by Apartheid Israel. Their agents worldwide are growing, and the effects of their work have been increasingly noticeable in many places, including South Africa. These restrictions may include influencing laws, policies, state practices, administrative decisions, arrests, judgements, and incitements.

In his response to the SAZF complaint, Judge Desai submits that the complaint is without merit and falls to be dismissed.

South African civil society has spoken and they will not be silenced by those who abhor universal human rights. In South Africa several individuals and organisations have responded to the unmeritorious complaint of the SAZF.  They have answered this challenge in creative ways, by supporting the Judge and establishing a HANDS-OFF JUDGE DESAI campaign. Some of their activities include mural paintings, engaging radio talk shows and editors of newspapers, writing on social media, and talking about the campaign in sports fields, malls, places of worship and so on. Others have decided to go the formal route and have penned letters of support. We share a selection of these – attached.

Hands Off Judge Siraj Desai -Support letters. Attached

JCC Response by Judge Desai to Complaint. Attached


Professor Usuf Chikte

Spokesperson for Judge S. Desai.

Contact number 0828779522