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Ganging Up Against Iran at UN Fails Dismally

Unable to reconcile with the reality that Iran’s Islamic Revolution had succeeded against all odds to overthrow a despotic lackey of America and to successfully establish a progressive Islamic State, some Western allies led by the United States remain bent on discrediting Iran.

It seems to be a case of evil habits refusing to die. And the pattern adopted to malign Iran is typical of states tainted by association with the colonial settler regime Israel.

Since the epoch making overthrow of America and Israel’s most faithful client-regime at whose head was the Shah during 1979, neither of these two states nor their Western and despotic Arab allies have ended conspiring against Iran.

Arming counter-revolutionaries; instigating an eight-year long war by Iraq during Saddam Hussein’s reign whom they armed to the teeth; fomenting civil strife; assassinating leaders and scientists, formed part of failed efforts to destabilize and dismember Iran.

Yet they haven’t given up.

Their most recent attempt to undermine Iran took place at the United Nations. Using the global stage to garner votes against Iran, rogue countries Canada, America and Apartheid Israel hoped to obtain unanimous support for a resolution they sponsored.

That they failed is reflected in the votes cast: only 79 out of 180 voted in their favour. 71 abstained while 30 voted against it. Not surprising for the majority of member states are aware that the UN General Assembly Resolution contained allegations of so-called “human rights violations” merely as a fig leaf to score political points against Iran.

Not surprising Iran has strongly condemned Canada’s own dismal human rights situation. It urged the Trudeau government to end its complicity in Israel’s crimes against the Palestinians. Canada has never hidden its alliance with Zionism’s Apartheid regime which to its eternal shame includes trading in weapons of mass destruction.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh made the remarks a day after the resolution and lambasted Canada’s human rights violations of its indigenous population.

Israel’s terrorism and brutal repression of Palestinian rights are not only well known and documented, the incumbent right wing Zionist regime has intensified what many critics have called “incremental genocide”.

To the credit of domestic NGOs such as Btselem and others who monitor and collate evidence which provide damning indictment of Israel’s barbaric policies.

In addition many Israeli journalists as well as academics and historians have written and continue to campaign vigorously to expose the regime’s illegal land-grabs, racist settlements, detention without trial, torture and daily killings.

To deflect from its depraved policies which ironically are in direct conflict with the UN Charter, Israel expands huge resources to influence Western allies via falsified “intelligence” to turn them against Iran.

It must be noted that Arab client-regimes are not excluded in the lobbying which is underpinned by security pacts. It explains too how and why “normalization” has resulted as it creeps along in Africa by co-opting Morocco and Sudan.

America has huge problems of it’s own. Racism being foremost as is evidenced in widespread anger among the Black population which gave rise to the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. This is not an isolated issue.

Huge disparities between poor, marginalised, destitute, unemployed and the rich and powerful in the world’s most advanced economy, speaks volumes of deep levels of inequalities in America.

Yet these three countries who have dark clouds hanging over their heads and hands dripping with blood of innocents, have the temerity to accuse Iran of human rights violations.

No wonder Khatibzadeh claims that  “baseless allegations” against the Islamic Republic are founded on “false information and dishonest generalizations.”

He is correct by implying that the resolution, is based on “weak and scattered votes, most of them garnered under political pressure and various threats”.

That they have failed to obtain unanimous support from member states and only a fraction of votes in favour, points to disastrous failure. Yet expect these regimes to continue disparaging Iran by fuelling hate and suspicion.

The outcome reveals that besides a handful of anti-Iran agitators, most member states view and respect the Islamic Republic as possessing strong values, healthy cultural diversity, sound jurisprudence, and a deep seated commitment to protect human rights.

Iqbal Jassat

Executive Member

Media Review Network


South Africa.





Iqbal Jassat