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In solidarity

Solidarity is not a one-way street

Nor a cul-de-sac of narrow love

Solidarity is that boulevard

with wide embracing arms

and laughing lamposts with naughty bends and turns

It is hard worn


Remaining all the way

through hot and cold

Rain or sunshine

A two-way street


Solidarity road

Where each walk paths its way,

Always watching for the potholes

of false promises

And the by-ways and highways

of easy victories


Solidarity is the path of the place we are going to

Solidarity is also the road we have come from


It is about avoiding the easy road

But being wise to avoid Dogmatic avenue, that crosses Arrogance street.

Solidarity is not about the one

but the more than one

There can never be the one too many


Solidarity knows that

When we walk with others

We walk slower

But we walk longer


And Talk deeper

Humming the tales of our lives


Solidarity Knows that

When we walk alone

We get there faster

But we will remain alone


Solidarity is not a one way street

Nor a cul-de-sac of narrow love or hate

Solidarity is that steady old baobab


And certain of its earthly place in the sun


Solidarity is that petal that blooms into a flower

and that flower

that brings the bees

and keep them going


Solidarity is that humble path

that forges into the forest

Joyful and free

Connecting sight,


taste and touch

to see and believe that fears can be overcome with the fragrant taste of love and hope


Solidarity is that crossroad where we will meet

Solidarity is not a one-way street.

But always a two-way street


HassL (2019)



Hassen Lorgat
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