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MRN Researcher Abdul Aziz Shaikh addressing “Iran Conference” in Johannesburg

The above Detail was the focus of the Conference that was very successfully held as indicated by the date and time of the Conference, organised by ABICSA and Sayed Abdullah Hoseini, Director of Islamic Centre of Africa. The details presented at the Conference was rather to illustrate to the enemies of Islam and Allah that it was not Iran that was being manifested but the Muslim world and the Islamophobic attacks against it, but also the likes of Palestine, Kashmir, Yemen and all such places where mankind is bereft of the dignity that Allah had bestowed on all of Mankind.

Once again the name Iran was seen as the criteria to judge the enemies of Muslims internationally and from within. The point was made that with 57 Muslim countries registered at the United Nations as members the responsibility was always on the shoulders of the stalwarts in Iran. Since 1979 when Iran laid bare the hypocrisies of the Monarchic System and the West that condemned it, yet supported it, to meet its own end, in the person of the Shah and the devilish action exposed by the Muslim Leader in the Name of Ayatollah Khomeini. What followed the 1979 Islamic Revolution is well documented and known as to how The Great Shaitan, The USA was humbled by the Revolutionary Guards.

The Speakers at the Conference emphasized that from the time of the kicking the Shah out till now the battle continues, especially with all the lives of the Shohoda that have been lost by Iran, the lamp of Islam and the Quran of Allah shines on. With the recent killing of Shaheed General Qasim Suleimani – the Commander of the Quds Brigade in Iran and with the Martyrdom of Abu Muhandis Mehdi – the Iraqi Commander of Hashd-Al Shabi the Islamophobic West thought that the light of Allah would be extinguished. In fact the light is even brighter.

The Speakers at the Conference from  the ordinary lovers of the Quran and the Embassy personnel were all together in the promotion that Iran was not alone  and the attendance at the venue of the Conference indicated that the Muslims of South Africa were ever ready to stand by the side of Iran.

The Speakers from representatives of Media Review Network (MRN) In the person of Bother Zaker Mayet and Shaikh Abdool Aziz, Other Organisations represented by Ali Nchenyani, Dr Ahmad Ali  Mohsenzadah, The Cultural Counsellor of the Embassy of Iran, Dr Aghamuhammadi Morteza, Vice-chancellor of  Al Mustafa International University, Maulana Mohau Mokoatle of Moagi Counsil of Scholars and the most Honoured  Excellency Mr Mahdi Agha Jafari who was the Keynote Speaker as Ambassador of Iran In The Republic of South Africa.

The Ambassador outlined in great detail the activities that had taken place since the time of Ayatollah Khomeini and the many Shohoda that had given their lives to ensure that the light of the Islamic Republic of Iran is never extinguished by the West and their ploy internally in Iran with the erroneous protests and strategies.

The recent declaration at the United Nations by Zahra Ershadi, Iran’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations, stating that Iran has once again condemned the unilateral sanctions by some countries and their use as political leverage in their bilateral relations. Zahra Ershadi emphasized that this action is a major obstacle to international humanitarian efforts; breeding ground for all kinds of human crises across the Globe; is a crime against humanity under the pretext of the responsibility to protect.

The meeting was brought to a close by the Chairman, Mr Farouk Hoosein with the unanimous feeling that the struggle in Iran, Palestine, Yemen and other countries must continue as this is the responsibility of Muslims throughout the world.

Abdool Aziz Shaikh

Media Review Network


South Africa