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Can you hear them goose stepping?


It is back

Instead of the white handkerchief of peace

It is WAR War War


“We have the power,” Zvika Fogel from the Jewish Power Party

told the world on the television


They are back

And it is in the open

Fogel is tired of being “too merciful”

Fogel is tired of the slow

…ritualistic slaughter of Palestinians

every 2 or 3 years


Fogel demands action

And now he has it, sitting alongside Netanyahu

For some he is the Minister of National Security



But Fogel is not an original

He is reading from an old playbook

Revising the vocabulary of hate

Out goes peace, love, justice, solidarity

In are the new and improved words

… cleansing, urgency and efficiency


Their children now no longer practise the goose step in their basements

It is out there

In the open


And so when i hear the talk of A FINAL SOLUTION, i cry

Just the other day in Nuremberg

Did we not say NEVER AGAIN?

But now?

… it is back and in the open


They do not care about the cries and tears of Palestinian mothers

This, Fogel said on UK’s Channel 4

They are turning their backs on history


Will the Palestinians become the victim of the victims?

..the poet asks


They are goose stepping

IN and AROUND the knesset

while their stormtroopers demand blood and the fall

of the Great Mosque of Al-Aqsa,

…symbol of Jerusalem in the heart of Palestine


Fascism is back

And in the open


We must be PARTISANS again



Hassen Lorgat


Hassen Lorgat
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