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Resistance dismantled Israeli war cabinet; Tel Aviv in strategic deadlock: Hamas

A Palestinian national flag is flying in the ruins of war-torn Gaza. (By AFP)

A senior Hamas official says Palestinian resistance caused the dissolution of the Israeli regime’s war cabinet after eight month of war on the Gaza strip.

Izzat al-Rishq, a member of the Hamas political bureau, said on Tuesday that the resistance in the Gaza strip successfully dismantled Israel’s war cabinet, which was formed eight months ago to suppress the resistance movement.

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu dissolved the six-member war cabinet on Monday, following the withdrawal of his principal rival, Benny Gantz.

Gantz quit the cabinet more than a week ago, while accusing the prime minister of mismanaging the regime’s genocidal war against the Gaza Strip.

The war cabinet was formed on October 11, 2023, just a few days after Israel launched the war on Gaza after Hamas mounted the surprise Operation Al-Aqsa Storm against the occupying entity in response to the Israeli regime’s decades-long campaign of bloodletting and devastation against Palestinians.

Since the start of the offensive, the Tel Aviv regime has killed more than 37,300 Palestinians, mostly women and children.

Ahmad Abdul Hadi, Hamas representative in Lebanon, also said in a speech on Monday that the Israeli regime has encountered a severe crisis and is now at a strategic deadlock due to the Palestinians’ unwavering resistance and the Axis of Resistance.

The dissolution of the Israeli war cabinet indicates that the regime is facing collapse in the wake of the al-Aqsa storm operation, as a result of the resistance’s steadfastness, Abdul Hadi said.

Regarding the ceasefire talks in Gaza, he emphasized that Hamas has presented its reply to the ceasefire offer. He also stated that in order to achieve peace, the US government needs to exert pressure on the Israeli regime.

“The US government remains firm in its stance against any compromise with the resistance front through negotiations. However, Hamas stands resolute, emphasizing that it will never back down from from its demands aimed at safeguarding the achievements of Al-Aqsa Storm,” Abdul Hadi added.

On May 31, US President Joe Biden came up with a three-phase deal calling for an initial six-week truce in Gaza that will be followed by negotiations on a permanent ceasefire.

Hamas has clearly expressed its “positive position” on what was included in the US president’s proposal, but belied US Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s claim that the Israeli regime has “accepted” the plan saying “we have not heard any Israeli official speak of this approval.”

Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders have said that they do not intend to stop the war until Hamas has been destroyed completely.