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Sixty years of global economic expansion ending?

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By Nat Weinstein

You load sixteen tons, and what do you get?

Another day older and deeper in debt.

Saint Peter, don’t you call me, ‘cause I can’t go;

I owe my soul to the company store.1

I was struck by the number of unusually pessimistic reports on the deplorable state of the American and world capitalist economy in the July 20 New York Times. But in the days following, the bad news only got worse.

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Mrn exclusive ex idf soldier feared to divulge details

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Israeli soldiers patrol in the West Bank city of Hebron   

 Picture: (AP Photo/Nasser Shiyoukhi)

Israeli soldiers patrol in the West Bank city of Hebron, Tuesday, Oct. 7, 2008. Hebron is home to about 500 religious Jewish settlers living in heavily guarded enclaves among some 170,000 Palestinians.

MRN News Service – A division of Media Review Network

Ex IDF soldier feared to divulge details

MRN exclusive

By Tahir Sema
Mikael Menkin, an ex Israeli defense force (IDF) soldier, is currently in South Africa. On Sunday 12th of October 2008, he addressed a public meeting at the Lenasia Cricket Stadium. Together with Abu heikel, a Palestinian activist, they hope to inform the world about the inhumane activities of the occupying forces.

In his presentation, Menkin said very little about the Zionists military activities in occupied Palestine. He spoke at length about his organization “Breaking The Silence” which he helped to establish. This organization has documented evidence of more than 600 Zionist soldiers who had admitted to gross human rights violations against the indigenous people. He also said that his organization was trying to introduce a sense of morality in the ongoing discourse.

Menkin seemed reluctant to address the current situation. He also deflected questions that pointed towards he’s present relationship with the IDF.

According to Ibrahim Vawda of the Media Review Network the atrocities and human rights violations perpetrated by the occupying forces are well documented. Mikael Menkin in his presentation did not highlight any of the atrocities. This begs the question “breaking the silence” on what? The name of the organization which he helped to establish suggests that they planned to expose the Zionist occupation forces for what they really are. Unfortunately Mikael Menkin failed to do so.

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Kasrils whos afraid of richard goldstone ?

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Address by Ronnie Kasrils to NADEL (National Association of Democratic Lawyers of South Africa):


 Topic “Goldstone Report & The Struggle of the Palestinian People”

Cape Town, 24 October 2009

(source: Electronic Intifada)

Justice Richard Goldstone is an internationally respected judge of integrity and credibility. Sober, reserved, most prim and proper, his reputation has been built on impeccable credentials. This has included his investigations into the apartheid-era hit-squads and violence; violations of international law in former Yugoslavia, Rwanda and in connection with the UN Iraq Oil for Food Programme; and of course his outstanding service with South Africa’s Constitutional Court.

Whilst it was expected that the apartheid era security services and generals would be afraid of the man, ironically in the aftermath of the release of the UN Report on Gaza, this life-long friend of Israel, a professed Zionist himself, has been vilified by Netanyahu and the Israeli Government; by the Chief Rabbi of South Africa; and in equally hysterical terms by many fellow Jews. It seems that this unlikely candidate for “self-hating Jew” has become top of their list. Without doubt the Israeli Government and Defence Force, and Zionist apologists world-wide, have come to fear and loathe this quiet, genteel, undemonstrative man who strives to serve truth, justice and the rule of law in the best way he can.

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Palestinian community meets british minister of state

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(source: Palestine Return Centre)

A delegation of  members from the Palestinian community met with Ivan Lewis, the Minister of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth office for Middle East and North Africa, on Thursday 12 November 2009, to raise specific concerns over36in the Middle East and in particular the situation in Palestine.

The delegation which included, Majed Al-Zeer, Talal El-Deeb, Sousan Al -Asfari and Haifa Al -Keelaani spoke to Mr Lewis for over two hours in an effort to further strengthen relationship between the British Government and the Palestinian community.

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