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The perils of blogging in Egypt

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The perils of blogging in Egypt

Rannie Amiri

Philip Rizk wasn’t "unlucky" or at "the wrong place at the wrong time." Instead, he found himself quite the deliberate target of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak’s regime.

On 6 February, the 26-year-old German-Egyptian blogger and filmmaker took part in a march with fellow activists belonging to the group "To Gaza," an organization under the umbrella of the Gaza Popular Committee in Solidarity with the Palestinian People.


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Homeward bound Gaza in 24 hours

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Homeward Bound: Gaza in 24 Hours 
How can I convey what I have seen in the little faces? (Middle East Children’s Alliance)
By Dr. Mona El Farra – Gaza

As soon as I arrived home, I felt a great relief, if that is the right word. I had been unable to return home to Gaza since before the 23 days of bombing of Gaza earlier this year, because of the ongoing siege. I am not sure that the word relief summarizes my intense and conflicting emotions. Mixed feelings of relief, happiness, but also disorientation, continued to overwhelm me. Gaza my beautiful home, yes, my beautiful home, my beautiful people, who are trying so hard to live. To continue from one day to another. Despite the odds, the hardships, the deaf ears of the world.

The same day of my arrival home, July 9th 2009, I could see from my balcony the rubble of what had been at one time Arafat’s headquarters, The whole building was completely demolished, leveled to the ground, blowing out the windows on one side of my apartment building. It is the same place where one of my cousins was killed in the first day of the attack assault against Gaza last December -January.

I now see a different Gaza, and it is not the Gaza I have known; it is like a city after an earthquake.

Many of the historically important buildings were leveled to the ground. I decided to postpone my field visits to the different areas where the assaults were the most savage and brutal. I thought it might be a good idea to wait for the arrival of the delegation of US citizens who were due to cross the border.

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Reach out for darfur

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Reach out for Darfur

Dina Ezzat

Minni Arko Minnawi

Minni Arko Minnawi tells Al-Ahram Weekly that Egypt can be a prime mediator securing comprehensive peace in Sudan
Of the many Darfur figures who fought hard against the regime of Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir, it was Minni Arko Minnawi who signed a peace deal with the Khartoum regime in 2006. And it is Minnawi who now serves as assistant to the president of Sudan.


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Book review beyond chutzpah

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Reviewed by Iqbal Jassat

On the Misuse of Anti-Semitism and the Abuse of History

Beyond Chutzpah


A Book by:

Norman Finkelstein

Norman G Finkelstein 

(ISBN 1-84467-049-X Verso 2005)

The imminent visit to South Africa by Norman G. Finkelstein following a major new initiative by S.A NGOs to mount a legal campaign seeking the arrest and prosecution of Israeli war criminals and those who hold SA citizenship and participated in the recent brutal military onslaught in Gaza, is anticipated with great excitement.

After all, Finkelstein whose earlier international bestseller The Holocaust Industry, created a huge stir in Jewish circles – particularly in the United States and Israel, for daring to posit a distinction between the Nazi holocaust and The Holocaust. The Nazi holocaust is the systematic extermination of Jews during World War II. Distinctly different to it is The Holocaust that Finkelstein describes as “the instrumentalisation of the Nazi holocaust by American Jewish elites and their supporters.”

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