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Mass demonstrations in france

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Mass demonstrations in France against the Israeli assault on Gaza

By Senthooran Ravee, Stephane Hugues and Antoine Lerougetel
12 January 2009

At the Place de la BastilleThe revulsion felt worldwide against the indiscriminate massacre of the people of Gaza by Israel was expressed in France by mass demonstrations Saturday in 90 cities and towns. At a conservative police estimate of 123,000 (30,000 in Paris and 93,000 in the rest of France), they far surpassed the already large mobilisations of January 3, when 21,000 demonstrated in Paris.

Organisers claimed over 100,000 in the capital January 10. News agencies spoke of “a human tide.” A force of 3,800 police officers was on duty to prevent a repetition of incidents after the January 3 demonstration.

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