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Palestinians the jewish state

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By Lamis Andoni


If Palestinians recognised Israel as a Jewish state they would be effectively legitimising their own dispossession

Avigdor Lieberman is at it again. The right-wing Israeli foreign minister wants the Palestinian Authority (PA) to effectively accept the expulsion of Palestinian-Israelis (or Israeli-Arabs as they are known inside Israel) as part of an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement.

Speaking to a government committee on Sunday, Lieberman said that the guiding principle of the current Palestinian-Israeli negotiations should be the exchange of land and populations and not land for peace. In other words a peace treaty should involve the Israeli annexation of heavily populated Jewish settlements in the West Bank and the PA taking the Palestinian population of Israel into territories under its jurisdiction.

He explained that since both the Arabs and the Palestinians have refused to recognise Israel as a Jewish state, the status of the Arabs in Israel should be the focus of the negotiations.

Lieberman is often at odds with other Israeli officials over some of his extremist views, but these statements are consistent with the essence of Israel’s insistence that the Palestinians accept Israel as a Jewish state.
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Nonviolent direct action solidarity and struggle

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By Ramzi Kysia

(source:The Electronic Intifada)

A year ago, 44 ordinary people from 17 different countries sailed to Gaza in two small wooden boats. We did what our governments would not do — we broke through the Israeli siege. During the last year the Free Gaza Movement has organized seven more voyages, successfully arriving to Gaza on five separate occasions.
Regardless of Israeli threats and intimidation, Free Gaza volunteers will continue sailing unarmed boats to Gaza. Ours remain the only international ships to reach the Gaza Strip in more than 42 years. By directly challenging the Israeli military with our small boats, we have concretely demonstrated that this siege has nothing whatsoever to do with security and is simply an illegal act of collective punishment.
But the siege of Gaza cannot be separated from the crisis of checkpoints and home demolitions in Jerusalem and the rest of the West Bank, nor from the oppression of Palestinian citizens of Israel, nor from the harsh and unjust conditions of the millions languishing in refugee camps across the Middle East, nor from the plight of the more than 11,000 political prisoners held by Israel, nor from the calamity of extra-judicial killings of Palestinians by Israeli forces, particularly the killings of Palestinian children, nor from Israel’s ongoing theft of Palestinian natural resources, nor from the right of return for all Palestinians in the Diaspora. Gaza is but one bitter element of the struggle for justice for all of Palestine.

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Fabricius call dangerous insulting

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Fabricius call on South Africa to support Iranian anarchy in obedience to Israel is stupid, dangerous & insulting.

by Iqbal Jassat

Chairman: Media Review Network

South Africa’s Independent Group of Newspapers seems unable to ensure that it’s columnist Peter Fabricius comes to terms with the fact that this country has successfully overcome racist apartheid policies of the pro-Israeli National Party.

The majority of its population has firmly placed this country on a democratic path, which has also allowed it to re-examine and re-position its foreign policy objectives. In the case of Israel, Nelson Mandela defined these policies when he declared that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians. That and the fact that our long and arduous freedom struggle was bitterly resented and resisted by allies of apartheid such as Israel, the United States and Britain while veterans of our liberation movement shared the same trenches with brave Palestinian warriors, also shaped South Africa’s international relations.

Fabricius’ most recent column splashed across the pages of the Independent stable throughout various provinces, is a futile attempt embodying the ideas of a colonial mindset urging the ANC government of President Zuma to embrace Israel’s malicious efforts seeking the isolation of Iran as a forerunner to militarily attack it’s “enemy”.

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A public stoning in germany

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A public stoning in Germany

Raymond Deane 

Hermann Dierkes is a respected politician with an honorable record of campaigning for social and political justice in the German Rhineland city of Duisburg. He represented his party Die Linke (The Left Party) on Duisburg City Council, campaigning tirelessly on anti-racist and anti-fascist issues. Most recently, he was his party’s candidate for the post of Lord Mayor.

On 18 February 2009 Dierkes addressed a public meeting on the question of Palestine. To the question of how to take action against the injustice being suffered by Palestinians, he responded that the recent World Social Forum in Belem, Brazil had proposed an arms embargo, sanctions and the boycott of Israeli exports. He added: "We should no longer accept that in the name of the Holocaust and with the support of the government of the Federal Republic [of Germany] such grave violations of human rights can be perpetrated and tolerated … Everyone can help strengthen pressure for a different politics, for example by boycotting Israeli products."


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