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A lifeline from the usa to Gaza

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Viva Palestina – A Lifeline from the USA to Gaza

Neturei Karta

We were all moved to tears of grief and anger when the Zionist state launched its murderous bombardment against the people of Gaza in December and January. Millions of us took to the streets in unprecedented protests around the globe. Each and every one of us has asked himself what more he can do to help stop the suffering. The inspirational pro-Palestinian British MP, George Galloway, decided that while it is necessary to speak out – in his case with great force and eloquence – it is actions that speak louder than words. While the bombs were still showering down on Gaza, Galloway decided to organise a humanitarian convoy that would start in Britain, drive through France and Spain, and across North Africa to arrive in Gaza with aid, even as all borders to the devastated region were under complete blockade. In just five short weeks, he pulled together 107 vehicles – including ambulances and a fire engine – 255 people and $2 million of aid, which set off from London on February 14. Some 23 days and 5500 miles later it arrived in Gaza to tumultuous acclaim.

Now, Galloway is heading a second convoy – this time from the USA. The Vietnam War veteran and activist Ron Kovic has readily agreed to be co-leader of the convoy. The convoy’s aim is to take hundreds of US citizens in 500 vehicles, bearing $10 million in medical aid from Cairo to Gaza. Convoy participants will leave from JFK airport on July 4. The group will organise the convoy in Cairo and proceed to Gaza the following weekend, proudly waving US and Palestinian flags, as well as banners declaring thousands of supporting organisations and institutions.

Neturei Karta International is proud to be one of those organisations. Anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews know that the recent Gaza operation is only the latest link in the long chain of bloodshed that has been going on for as long as the Zionist state, built on a land stolen from its rightful inhabitants, has been in existence. A true Jew cannot look on idly while such crimes take place. The Torah commands us “Thou shalt not steal” and “Thou shalt not murder.” Nor can a Jew ignore the plight of the victims of those crimes. The Torah teaches us to emulate G-d’s attribute of “mercy upon all His creations” (Psalms 145:9), and this means mercy for all human beings, without regard to race or colour. All Jews indeed lived by this principle for centuries, until the Zionist heretics came, rejected G-d’s Torah and the observance of its commandments, and replaced it with their own racist and nationalist ideal. Not only did the Zionists discard their belief in G-d and the Torah; they also abandoned the most minimal respect for human dignity and life. They have sullied the reputation of the Jewish people in the world, causing many to look and wonder, “Is this really the venerated People of the Book?”

In recent years, they have gone even further. They have blackened the name of G-d and His Torah in the world by touting those so-called Orthodox rabbis who have sold their souls to the Zionist Satan in exchange for money and honour. These rabbis use quotations from the Torah and Talmud, taking them out of context and twisting their true meaning to support the actions of the Zionists. The world has the impression that the holy Torah condones killing men, women and children, and mass land-grabbing – Heaven forbid. Actually, the Torah teaches that the Holy Land must not be ruled by the Jewish people nowadays, and that Jews must live peacefully in exile, not fighting with any nation. The community of Torah-faithful Jews throughout the world looks forward to the day when the chain of Zionist bloodshed will come to an end with the peaceful dismantling of the Zionist state. Then the entire Holy Land will return to its rightful owners, the Palestinian people.

Now that this opportunity has arisen to help the suffering people of Gaza, Neturei Karta International has decided to make the participation of Orthodox Jews a high priority. We plan to sponsor at least one truck full of supplies. Aside from helping to alleviate the suffering of the Gazans, our participation will show the world that there are many religious Jews who do not stand with the Zionists, and still uphold the Torah’s commandments and ideals of compassion and justice. Therefore, we appeal to all who hold the Almighty’s honour dear, cannot tolerate wrongdoing, and want to reinstate the honour of the true Jewish people as the people of the Almighty, to donate generously to this noble cause. Most importantly, with your donations, you would be literally saving lives.

We rely on your generosity and support of this crucial humanitarian mission to accomplish our goals of purchasing at least one vehicle ($20,000) for the journey, in addition to purchasing medical supplies and aid and providing travel expenses for convoy volunteers. All donations are tax-deductible and can be made by credit card or eCheck through PayPal or by cash or check donations. To pay via credit card or eCheck, select and click on a donation amount at the bottom of this page. You will be directed to PayPal to complete your donation.

If you wish to make a donation by cash or check, please contact us directly for instructions at or visit our website page for contact information:

In solidarity, Neturei Karta International