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Al aqsa the ultimate red line

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By Khalid Amayreh

(source: The Palestine Information Center)

The unprovoked intrusion by Jewish fanatics into the Noble Sanctuary of Jerusalem on Sunday 27 September, should alarm every Muslim under the sun.

That was not, as the Israeli machine of lies would make you believe, a mere innocent visit by Jewish tourists to Islam’s third holiest sanctuary. It was rather a planned and calculated act of provocation against Muslims all over the world.

Jewish fanatics, we all know, don’t come to the Aqsa esplanade to visit; they come for the purpose of arrogating a foot-hold or perhaps hatching a conspiracy against Islamic edifices. In short, their ultimate goal is to carry out acts of terror and vandalism against Islamic holy places.

In the past, distant and near, Jewish terrorists, who often disguise themselves as tourists, carried out acts of murder against Muslim worshipers.

When Israel occupied the Old City of Jerusalem,  the Israeli army Chief Rabbi Shlomo Goren tried meticulously to convince one commander of the conquering army to blow up the Aqsa Mosque “once and for all.”The story was mentioned elaborately in Avi Shlaim’s book “The Iron Wall-Israel and the Arab world.”“There was an atmosphere of spiritual elation. Paratroopers were milling around in a daze. Narkis was standing for a moment on his own, deep in thought, when Goren went up to him and said ‘Uzi, this is the time to put a hundred kilograms of explosives in the Mosque of Omar-and that’s it, we’ll get rid of it once and for all.’ Narkis said ‘Rabbi, stop it.’ Goren then said to him, ‘Uzi, you’ll enter the history books by virtue of this deed.’ Narkis replied, ‘I have already recorded my name in the pages of the history of Jerusalem.’ Goren walked away without saying another word.”On 21 August, 1969, an Australian Christian Zionist, bearing the name  Denis Michael Rohan, set the Minbar of Sallahuddin on fire, using a flamable substance.On April 11, 1982, a Jewish terrorist by the name of Allan Goodman entered the Dome of the Rock Mosque and started firing discriminately at Muslim worshipers, killing and injuring dozens of people. Goodman, a member of the terrorist Jewish group, the Jewish Defense League, was eventually pardoned by the Israeli government after spending a few years in jail.In fact, Jewish terrorist acts and designs against one of Islam’s holiest places never ceased. Indeed, Jewish terrorist groups declare openly that their ultimate aim is to demolish the Aqsa Mosque in order to build a Jewish temple in the area.The terroirsts, who also include government officials and Knesset members, are never arrested for incitement to violence and terror. Far from that, they enjoy the support and backing of the political-military estabilshment in the Zionist regime.Hence, it is imperative that the Muslim world must view the latest36with utmost gravity because what these fanatics are after is nothing less than the destruction of these holy places.As in the past, Muslim officials and governmetns have voiced their indignation at the latest provocation. However, verbal denunciations and condemnations will not deter Israel and make her show respect to the Haram al Sharif of Jerusalem.Respect for religion is not and has never been a Zionist character. Hence, it would be more than naive to expect Israel to preserve the safety and sanctity of the holy place. Instead of rehtorical condemnations, which we got accustomed to hearing since time immemorial, Muslim organizations, peoples and governments must seek pro-active means to protect their holy places.First, we must strengthen and enforce security measures throughout the Aqsa esplanade by increasing the number of guards. It was after all due to the dedication and hard workd of these unknown soldiers that numerous Zionist attempts at vandalizing Islamic holy places were aborted and thwarted. Second, Muslim states, especially those having diplomatic ties with the Zionist regime such as Turkey, Egypt and Jordan, must  make the issue of the Haram al Sharif a top priority.  It is not enough just to voice “concern” about a given event, such as Sunday’s provocation. Muslim governments must commnnicate an unequivocal message to the Zionist regime that the Aqsa Mosque is a red line that no one would be allowed to cross.As to the Palestinians, they are the first line of defense against Zionist aggression in Jerusalem as well as throughout occupied Palestine.This is why, Palestinians must always maintain a permanent and uninterrupted presence at the Haram al Sharif of Jerusalem.This peaceful presence is very important; it sends an unmistakable message to the Zionists that Muslims, especially in Palestine, would go to any extent, if need be, to protect and safeguard their holy places in al-Quds al Sharif.


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