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Anti siege committee establishes new intl institution to break Isaraeli siege

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The popular committee against the siege announced Monday that it established a new international institution to break the Israeli siege on the Gaza Strip called "Action for Palestine" comprised of activists from different parts of the world.

During a workshop held by the popular committee in presence of foreign activists, intellectuals and businessmen, MP Jamal Al-Khudari, the head of the committee, pointed out that a Yemeni boat would be heading for the Gaza Strip and there would be other Arab and Islamic sea trips to break the Israeli siege.

MP Khudari stressed the need for organizing Arab sea trips to break the siege on Gaza especially since they are no less important than the European trips, calling for making an uprising of boats against the siege.

For her part, British activist Lauren Booth said that many international figures are willing to give support for anti-siege campaigns, where the funds collected in this regard reached $300,000.

Booth added that many of the participants in the European anti-siege trip had been exposed to threats in an attempt to dissuade them from sailing to Gaza, but they were determined to reach the Strip to break the Israeli siege.

For his part, US activist Ken O’Keefe expressed his pleasure to live among Gaza people and share their suffering, pointing out that the Israeli siege prevented him from seeing his wife and children.

O’Keefe added that the coming of 46 anti-siege activists to Gaza reflected the fact that the Israeli occupation is the assailant and the Palestinians are the victims, stressing that these circumstances must be changed.