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Appeal to media do not distort middle east talks

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By Ibrahim Vawda

The Media Review Network notes that the Middle East talks, convened by Barack Obama, are being proclaimed in the media as “talks” between Israel and the “Palestinians”, symbolised by Mahmood Abbas.   Mahmood Abbas is just another “Bantustan” leader, who lost his legitimacy when his term of office ended when his Party, Fatah, lost the elections in 2006. He is embarking on yet another odyssey of national betrayal.
Talks  with a defeated leader of a political Party cannot, by any stretch of the imagination, be projected as talks with Palestinians. It is precisely for this reason that the Media Review Network would like to appeal to the South African Media not to refer to these “talks” as between Israel and the "Palestinians". The “Bantustan regime” of Mahmood Abbas is illicit and is no more than a surrogate appendage of Israel and Washington. He is merely a pliant tool of the US dependent on US sponsorship and support to remain in power against an impatient and hostile Palestinian population.

A very well known Arab proverb says: “The Mountain went into labour, and then gave birth to a rat.” This likely scenario of the Middle East talks in Washington today, is more than mere speculation.