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Dershowitz slander

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By Iqbal Jassat – Chairman, Media Review Network

The Media Review Network (MRN) is appalled at the vicious attack by Alan Dershowitz upon Archbishop Tutu. (Businessday Newspaper, 5/1/2011, pg 3)

While we find his insulting remarks reprehensible and slanderous, we are aware that Dershowitz’s claim to fame is based on his role as an apologist for Israel.

This emotional outburst against Tutu is reflective of the high level of intolerance displayed by apologists such as him and others against people courageous enough to oppose Israel’s horrendous violations of human rights.

Far from being anti-Jewish or anti-Semitic, Tutu, unlike his pro-Israeli detractor, has a proud record of contesting oppressive regimes.

We call on South Africans of all persuasions to rally behind Tutu and support his brave stance in defense of Palestinian rights!