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Ethnic Cleansing of Palestinians

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A response to a letter that appeared in The Star Newspaper by N. Ismail

The letter by Justin Logie entitled “Palestinians have no historical claim” (The Star, 03 December 2012) refers.

When reading this article I found myself asking more questions and being more confused by the writer’s intentions than anything else.

Mr Logie writes of Palestinians and Israeli’s but then speaks of Muslims and Jews, which brings me to my first question: what is Mr Logie’s definition of who Palestinian’s and Israeli’s are?

This is not a religious issue, it is all about politics. It is about occupation, oppression and the innumerable violations of human rights and international law. It is about the slow but definite genocide and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people. Israel’s unrelenting siege and suffocation of the Palestinian people is unprecedented in the annals of human history. All historical and hereditary arguments pale into insignificance when one considers the imperialistic and colonialist agenda of the Zionist government in Israel.

Second, which I believe to be the pertinent and more current issue at hand, is Israel’s ‘right to defend itself’. This statement is obscure especially when one considers that innocent civilians, including children who are too young to understand the meaning of war, are the target of these ‘precision’ attacks. Mr Logie claims Israel is in a constant state of war, the question arises: with whom? Since 1948 every war that was between Israel and the Arab states was as a result of Israeli provocation. To suggest anything otherwise is being economical with the truth.

A third contradiction reflects my initial question; Mr Logie seems to harping on the issue of Muslim and Jewish land and states. Debates in concern are in regard to PALESTINIANS, who at this point in time make up both Christians and Muslims. It seems that Mr Logie has missed the train all together by making this a religious argument rather than a human rights one.

A last point for Mr Logie, victims of persecution have come from all backgrounds, ethnicities and creeds. To imply that Jewish people are the only ones that have suffered human rights violations is downplaying the persecutions of many people.