The European Campaign to End the Siege on Gaza was reportedly preparing to dispatch a new boat to Gaza Strip in order to break the repressive Israeli economic blockade on Gaza that entered its third year.

In a statement he issued, and a copy of which was obtained by the PIC, Dr. Arafat Madi, the head of the campaign, asserted that the sea voyage was expected to start on the last week of this month in coordination with the Free Gaza Movement with the aim to keep the marine route to Gaza Strip open.

However, Madi explained that the date of trip would depend on weather conditions, and that the voyage was meant to alleviate the suffering of the 1.5 million Palestinian individuals living in the tiny Strip.

He added that Palestinian and European doctors in addition to Scottish and Greek legislators and human rights activists would join the voyage carrying medicine to Gaza, confirming that the boat would transport the nine foreign activist who joined the first sea trip last month and were stranded in Gaza Strip after Egypt and Israel denied them exit permits.

"Our goal of sending those boats was political and for media purposes in order to keep the issue of the siege on Gaza alive in the hearts of the European and Arab peoples", Madi underlined.

Moreover, Madi disclosed more activities in the European arena on the political, parliamentary, popular, and human rights levels to activate the issue of the siege, urging human rights and political parties in the Arab world to carry out similar steps.

"You have no excuse of not sending boats to Gaza after the first attempt ended successfully, and proved that the road to Gaza was passable", Madi underscored.

The European campaign succeeded in breaking the Israeli siege on Gaza last month after its two boats anchored at Gaza shores against the Israeli occupation will, sending a message to the entire world that the Palestinian territorial waters were open for those willing to help the besieged Palestinian people.

"What we really need [to break the siege] are willingness and determination", he emphasized.

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