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Freed female prisoner discloses Isaraels cruelty

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A recently released Palestinian woman has unveiled information about Israel’s misbehavior and immoral insults to Palestinian women who are kept in custody.

“Palestinian women prisoners have been and continue to be exposed to repeated interrogation even throughout nights”, said Saberin Abu-Ammarah, a 26-year-old Palestinian woman who has recently been freed after spending six years in an Israeli prison.

She added that Israeli jailors stripped Palestinian women of their clothes.

She said that Israel’s misbehavior towrard Palestinian women is a crime against humanity and added that Israeli jailors did not let prisoners meet with their families especially in the holy month of Ramadan and did not provide them with television or radio.

The released woman said that some prisoners are in bad health, but Israelis prevent the entering of doctors into prison facilities.

More than 12,000 Palestinians — including women and children — imprisoned by Israel are suffering under harsh conditions in unaccountable detention facilities.