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Indian government determined to crush the Kashmiri resistance

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15 August 2008

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The Indian Government remains determined to crush the Kashmiri resistance

By Tahir Sema

Media Review Network is deeply perturbed that the Indian Government remains determined to crush the Kashmiri resistance by their continued occupation of the disputed territory of Kashmir.

For the Indian Government to seek partnership with South African Muslims in the commemoration of the Satyagraha (non violent resistance), it can be construed as seeking support for its brutal occupation of Kashmir.

The timing of this event outside the Newtown mosque, in Fordsburg, Johannesburg, and the honour that would be conferred to representatives of the Indian regime would unfairly blemish the deep seated political consciousness that Muslims have in their solidarity with Kashmir.

On behalf of MRN we challenge the Indian Government to avoid a duplicitous role which seeks to undermine Ghandi’s resistance against the British whilst continuing the slaughter of innocent Kashmiris.

 The chairperson of the South African Kashmiri action group Salman Khan says they are completely disgraced by the act of the corporation of the Hamidia mosque authorities to celebrate the Satyagraha glorifying Gandhi at a time when millions of Kashmiris, the majority of whom are Muslims are brutalised by the Indian armed forces.

It is a huge dichotomy on the side of the Indian counsel to celebrate the Satyagraha, which was used 100 years ago by Ghandi against the illegal occupation of the British regime in South Africa and India.

“It is a detestable step by the Indian Government while their hands are fully soaked in the oppression of the Kashmiri people over the last 60 years”, said Mr. Khan

The South African Kashmiri Action Group (SAKAG) strongly opposes the ANC’s collaboration in tomorrows proceedings were Kgalema Motlanthe will be the guest of honour.

The group also strongly opposes the involvement of the Hamidia Mosque Authorities and that of the Jamiatul Ulama in staging such an event. They say it will tarnish the image of Muslims in South Africa.

 SAKAG   is requesting Muslims to protest the occasion and show solidarity tomorrow at 11:30 am outside the Hamidia Mosque in Newton Johannesburg.

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