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Israel controls american policy says former congressman

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(source: MPAC-UK online)

james traficant

Israel is controlling the American government and that’s why Americans are dying for their war, says former US Congressman James Traficant in a shocking expose on Fox News. He highlights that the influence the Israel lobby wields over American foreign policy has led to America carrying out the expansionary policy of Israel.

The Israeli lobby works around the clock to ensure that public debate on the issue of whether it is in America’s interest to uncritically back Israel is non-existent. Because these debates are effectively silenced, American policy continues to move in a direction that is against its interests.

The former Congressman further expands on this point, saying that "Arabs have exported violence to America and they have, They have no other way to fight." The power imbalance in military, diplomatic and economic force, coupled with the perception that the only reason that Israel can carry out its heinous policies is because of American backing, has meant that America is a target.


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