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Israeli govt announces establishment of new settlement in the jordan valley

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The Israeli government officially announced the establishment of a new settlement on Palestinian lands in the Jordan valley located in the eastern flank of the West Bank.

The Israeli Maariv newspaper reported Thursday that Israeli settlers started to reside in the new settlement called Mashkiot which was an abandoned military post.

Meanwhile, the Islamic and Christian front for the defense of Jerusalem and holy places warned that Zionist settlement societies are planning and working on seizing Arab real estate and houses in occupied Jerusalem and its environs.

In a statement, the Front stated that 28 Jerusalemite families living the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood are threatened with eviction from their homes after a Zionist organization called Yeshiva Haim Ha’olam seized two Arab houses in the Khaldieh Akaba area in the old town.

The statement added that the IOA issued a decision to build a settlement in the same area consisting of dozens of settlement units in order to form a settlement chain extending from the Mount Scopus to the old town which would lead to the separation of the Palestinian neighborhoods in the north from the old town.