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Libya – Post Muammar Gaddafi

Friday, 21 October 2011

The so-called “Arab Spring” has claimed its third victim or so we are expected to believe. In Bahrain, Syria and Yemen the struggle to depose their respective despots continue. Thus far these dictators have survived with the assistance of their western “benefactors”.

NATO and the USA invaded Libya with UN approval, under the pretext that thousands of civilian lives were being threatened by Qaddafi’s forces. They promised democracy to the Libyans.

“Democracy” was the reason for invading Afghanistan, Iraq, break away of South Sudan, regime change in Somalia, Rwanda and now Libya. Do we see any signs of democracy in these countries? Will Libya be any different?

Post Qaddafi Libya already owes NATO Countries and the USA billions in war debt. Major western oil companies have signed long term contracts with the National Transitional Council (NTC) to ensure supply of oil to western capitals. This will guarantee the sustenance of the high life style of the capitalist mafia around the so-called developed world. France has been promised 35% of Libya’s oil production for permanent support of the NTC. This means permanent French military presence in Libya.

As much as we may resent and abhor the Chinese human rights record, we cannot deny the fact that they brought roads, bridges and dams to Africa. Unlike the US and her international “friends” and “partners” who brought guns, tanks, drones, famine and instability.

The role of Africom on the African Continent becomes more crucial in this context. The push for natural resources will mean a greater influence of the military presence and hence Africom’s position and task becomes increasingly significant.

Many of the problems afflicting Central Asia, South and East Asia, Africa and Latin America are as a result of the triggering of the tensions by external forces. Sectarian divisions, cultural, religious and clannish differences have been exploited by USA, Britain, France and Israel to “divide and conquer” and bring nations to their knees.

Libya will be no different.

Death is inevitable. Gaddafi’s brutal end and the applause for it in board rooms of western co-operative entities raises alarm bells for the future of a free and independent Libya.

Issued By:

Zaakir Ahmed Mayet – Media Review Network (Media Unit) and Nabeweya Malick – Muslim Judicial Council (Media Desk)

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Ibrahim Vawda – Senior Researcher, Media Review Network

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