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Mossad machinations pose danger to south Africa

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By Dr Firoz Osman

(Secretary – Media Review Network)

The Media Review Network expresses its disgust at the level of chutzpah displayed by the Israeli racist regime in the murder of a member of Hamas, Mahmoud al- Mabhouh in Dubai last month.

Despite Israeli government denials, there are clear indications that the killing of the Palestinian bears the brutal hallmarks of Mossad, the Israeli spy service. The crime of murder perpetrated outside the conflict zone reflects the arrogance and disdain Israel holds for International Law, and other nations.

Israel’s irresponsible and dangerous act of stealing the British, Irish, French and German Jewish identities has exposed the lives of the innocent to high risk. In many botched Mossad operations in Paris, Nicosia, Athens, Beirut and Amman, using Canadian and other European fraudulent passports, innocent civilians were massacred.

Apartheid south africa’s intelligence services applied the same futile modus operandi when they killed or injured freedom fighters such as Ruth First, Albie Sachs and Frank Chikane.

The recent Carte Blanche expose’ that Mossad agents were operating at O R Tambo airport with diplomatic passports issued by the Israeli government, is of grave concern for the South African government and its citizens.

The Media Review Network has previously warned of self-styled “terror experts and agents” hatching sinister plots to promote the climate of fear in South Africa.

Stealing the identities and passports of ordinary civilians to cloak their despicable crimes for ominous agendas during the world cup is a real possibility.  South Africa needs to be alert to the dangers posed by plots manufactured by Mossad, masterfully incriminating the innocent for its evil deeds.