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Mrn action alert appeal to volunteer

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By Dr Firoz Osman

In this month of Ramadaan, SA is experiencing a major industrial action called for by the Public Servants Association (PSA), severely affecting schools, clinics and hospitals. The lives of the ill and infirm have been endangered, particularly the most vulnerable members of society, the elderly, the women and children.

During this fasting month, Muslims develop a heightened level of Taqwa, of awareness, of consciousness and empathy. There is an improvement in the Muslims behaviour, morality, and spirituality.

Muslims become more conscious of their duty towards their communities and towards mankind generally in this blessed month. There is a sense of responsibility towards each other based on mutual co-operation and trust.

Therefore, Muslims should heed the call of “Lead S.A” and avail themselves to serve the ill and needy in the clinics and hospitals as volunteers. Their dedication and commitment in this cause for the pleasure of Allah, by serving mankind, is an excellent form of Da’wah and will serve to strengthen our Imaan. Muslims should use this opportunity to portray the true spirit of Ramadaan.

The question will be asked:
“Who are these people that dress modestly, who pray, don’t smoke or drink or gamble, don’t oppress others and stay without food and water for the month between dawn and sunset?”

This is the duty of Muslims, and an opportunity to translate Islam into its practical form. We urge all individuals, groups and organisations to present themselves at clinics and hospitals to serve the needy.

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