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MRN Media Statement: Boston Bombings

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The Media Review Network deplores bombings in Boston and expresses our shock and outrage that untested allegations blaming “Islamists” have emerged without any shred of evidence.

We find it equally reprehensible that a number of mainstream Western media have resorted to blame-games seeking to pin the atrocity on Muslims.

The method used is entirely disingenuous for by using so-called “terror experts” to profile perpetrators, it invariably results in raising suspicion against Muslims, thereby fuelling Islamophobia.

The Media Review Network cautions media to be more responsible in its coverage rather than the gung-ho style that reinforces racist stereotypes.

We also urge media to be mindful of the possibility of a deliberate orchestrated campaign by any number of right-wing groups possibly allied to Israel.

Israel’s secret service and intelligence agencies are known to possess a huge foot print within many right-wing circles primarily devoted to a campaign of vilification of Islam and Muslims.

The Boston tragedy reflects pain and suffering that unfortunately has become a routine experience of many innocents in areas such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and Palestine resulting from aggressive military terror by the United States and Israel.

We call on the media to apply a greater degree of introspection on how some tragedies are magnified while others are reduced to marginal footnotes.

Iqbal Jassat
Exec: Media Review Network