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Al Aqsa Foundation Accounts

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The Media Review Network deplores FNB moves to close the banking account of Al-Aqsa Foundation of South Africa.

In a communique to its donors, Al-Aqsa Foundation claims that it was asked by FNB Commercial Department to close its accounts with them due to “foreign pressure”.

We view these moves as morally indefensible, unethical and utterly Islamophobic.

Al-Aqsa Foundation is one of South Africa’s premier Muslim humanitarian organisations, enjoying overwhelming support in the community. It is led by a highly respected board of trustees whose credentials are beyond reproach.

We therefore find it extremely troubling that given Al-Aqsa’s dedicated commitment to providing much needed humanitarian aid to the besieged population of Palestine, such arbitrary action on the part of FNB undermines SA Muslim’s charity destined to the victims of Israel’s unjust occupation and persecution.

We also find it contemptible that FNB would subject its banking arrangement with a Muslim NGO to the dictates of faceless “foreign” agents, despite Al-Aqsa being granted an annual clean bill of health by the Department of Social Services in SA.

We call on the SA government to make an urgent intervention by contesting the US Treasury Department’s malicious political battles on behalf of its ally Israel.

Such measures will necessarily require of the SA government to dispute the legality of America’s designation of Al-Aqsa Foundation as a “Global Terrorist” entity.

We remind FNB of lessons drawn from SA’s history of struggle against apartheid during an era when this country’s freedom warriors, including former President Nelson Mandela were branded “terrorists”.

Iqbal Jassat
Exec: Media Review Network