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Oic hezbollah slam Isarael over building on muslim cemetery

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Secretary General of the Organization of the Islamic Conference and Hezbollah slamed Israel over building on Muslim cemetery in Al Quds.

The Secretary General of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), Professor Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, expressed his strong condemnation of the decision made by an Israeli court to allow bulldozing Maman Allah cemetery in the City of Al Quds, as the graveyard is an Islamic Waqf that includes Islamic endowed buildings and the remains of tens of thousands of Muslims, notably the Prophet’s Companions, Muslim martyrs and scholars.

The Israeli High Court on Wednesday rejected appeals by two Muslim organisations which complained that the museum would be built over part of an ancient Muslim cemetery.

The Secretary General considered that the desecration of graves and the remains of dead Muslims is a gross violation of the sanctity of the dead, just as it is a blatant infringement of Muslim endowments built on the same site.

Ihsanoglu noted that since Israel engaged in the desecration of the graveyard and the exhumation of Muslim graves, the OIC has issued a warning about the gravity of the Israeli attacks on Muslim graves. He also initiated contacts with the UN Secretary General and the Director General of UNESCO and a number of officials in the world to stop this flagrant aggression.

Ihsanoglu called upon the international community to intervene in order to hold Israel from carrying through its criminal act and put an immediate end to the desecration of Muslim cemeteries and aggression against Muslim property and sacred sites.

Also, Lebanese Hezbollah on Sunday slammed Israel for allowing the construction of a "Museum" on the site of a Muslim cemetery in Jerusalem.

A statement said, Hezbollah issues "its strongest condemnation for the desecration of a historic Islamic cemetery in occupied Jerusalem permitted by the (Israeli) enemy by allowing an American company to build a museum on the site."

Hezbollah called for Arab, Muslim and international action to put an end to these racist and inhumane practices.

"They cannot transform the original identity of the sacred city from its original Palestinian identity," the statement added.



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