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Pr condemnation of Egyptian government for blocking relief convoy to Gaza

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11 September 2008

Press Release

Condemnation of Egyptian Government for blocking relief convoy to Gaza

The Media Review Network (MRN) strongly condemns the Egyptian Government for blocking the relief convoy, “Egyptians against the Siege”, to Gaza carrying humanitarian and medical aid through the Rafah Border post.

About 500 specially selected, invited and noteworthy citizens made up of Egyptian judges, MP’s, doctors, professors, journalists and activists tried to break the siege imposed by the Zionists against the Palestinians. This criminal act can only be viewed as a crime against humanity.

It is a perversion of justice to allow the Zionist occupiers and persecutors of the Palestinians to tour Egyptian resorts & provide cheap fuel to Israel, and deny basic humanitarian aid, food and medicines to a besieged, starving 1,5 million imprisoned Palestinians.

This persecution of the Palestinians by the Egyptian Government is unethical and immoral by any standards. The Egyptian Government is deeply mistaken if they think that this type of provocation will produce security for the Zionist state. 

Where is the humanity of the world and the Arab governments in particular, during this cherished month of Ramadan that reflects compassion and empathy to the weak and hungry? The last thing the Palestinians need is another tormentor augmenting Zionism’s genocidal terror against their people.

The MRN would like to remind the Government of Egypt of that proud moment 35 years ago when you bravely flew the Egyptian flag once again over the Sinai Desert. We strongly advocate that you show similar courage and lift the siege of Gaza immediately and allow aid to get to Gaza by opening up the Rafah Border Post, for the sake of your own humanity. The  Egyptian Government is advised to establish a clear distinction between its sense of humanitarianism and its political convenience.

Issued by:

Dr. Firoz Osman
Media Review Network
082 337 6976

(Media Review Network is an advocacy group based in Tshwane (Pretoria), South Africa)