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Pr pa leader entrenches al nakba

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International support for the Nakba is being mobilised by solidarity movements

14 May 2008


PA leader Mahmud Abbas entrenches Al-Nakba (Catastrophe)

The Palestinian Nakba (Catastrophe) where 750,000 were forced into exile in 1948 faces a greater danger in the leadership of Palestinian Authority president Mahmud Abbas (Abu Mazen). 

Since his party Fatah [not to be confused with the PLO] was convincingly rejected by the overwhelming number of Palestinians in a free and fair election, Abbas has joined the Israelis to enforce a humiliating “solution” by accepting a Bantustan comprising of 12% of original Palestine.

The irony is that as international support for the Nakba is being mobilised by solidarity movements, under Abu Mazen's watch: the Israeli Settlement growth in the West bank accelerates; East Jerusalem is Judaized; Palestinian refugees numbering in excess of 6 million face no prospect of returning; the Gaza siege intensifies under a policy of starvation; 11500 prisoners languish in Israeli jails; daily massacres; razing of olive groves and home demolishing continue unabated.

The unfortunate reality that must be confronted is Abbas' collaboration with Israel while he refuses to acknowledge Hamas' legitimacy.  And the cooperation and complicity between Abbas and his coterie, with Israel and the USA threatens to make permanent the dire condition of the Palestinians, condemning them to a life of perpetual misery within Palestine, and in the Diaspora.

The refusal of Abbas to discuss Palestinian unity with Hamas and Islamic Jihad, whilst embracing Ehud Olmert and Condoleezza Rice, is unprecedented and shameful, reflecting the depth of his betrayal to the Palestinian cause.

The MEDIA REVIEW NETWORK is confident that the Palestinian resistance against the unjust, racist Zionist regime will be ultimately victorious. Israel’s PA collaborators, with their nefarious scheme of engineering another Nakba on the Palestinians, will be rejected with contempt.

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Dr. Firoz OsmanSecretary-GeneralMedia Review Network082 337 6976