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Egypt’s Steel Wall

By Iqbal Jassat

The Media Review Network is appalled at the latest action of the Egyptian government which aims to suffocate and stifle the already traumatised population of the Gaza Strip.

The creation of a steel wall along the Egypt-Gaza border by the Egyptian authorities is yet another manifestation of Hosni Mubarak’s puppet status.

This shameless viciousness enables Israel and Egypt to draw sadistic pleasure from seeing Palestinian children and civilians die as a result of Israel’s brutal siege and blockade of the Gaza.  Egypt’s contribution to this humanitarian crisis will hold the Egyptian Authorities accountable for the genocide and ethnic cleansing being witnessed in the Gaza.

The Media Review Network is also concerned at the silence of the African Union in the face of this ignominy and disgrace. Apart from some routine statements by the AU, they are somewhat guarded and cautious on the ongoing Gaza nightmare. The MRN finds it unacceptable that the AU’s inaction will contribute to the suffering of the Gaza population.  We therefore view this as a huge betrayal of the Gazan population and moral failure on the part of the AU leadership.

Since Egypt is a significant member of the AU, this attitude of the AU is morally and ethically problematic. It shows that the Union is quite helpless in the face of Egypt’s arrogance and insolence. In fact it is tantamount to rewarding Egypt, no matter what it does or what crimes against humanity it may commit.

It is common knowledge that by opening the Rafah Border the Egyptian economy will benefit. However the autocratic Egyptian leadership refuses to do so, citing “international agreements” with Israel as the reason. The MRN regards these reasons as a mere smokescreen which allows Egypt to act with impunity.

The Media Review Network also calls on the South African Government to intervene and pressurise the Egyptian Government to stop the erection of this wall which is a symbol of oppression, torture, coercion and tyranny.

Iqbal Jassat                        
Media Review Network
Cell: 083 594 3749