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Bombings in Nigeria

Friday, 27 January 2012

The Media Review Network (MRN) is deeply concerned at the recent spate of bombings of churches, police stations and civilians in Northern Nigeria allegedly by a group called Boko Haram.

In the light of previous false flagging operations and the current arrest and prosecution of two individuals in the United Kingdom, we cannot dispel the possible involvement of a third force in these operations. To blame it on militant Muslims in the north attacking Christians in order to establish Shariah rule is very simplistic, one dimensional and unsubstantiated.

Media reporters must be reminded that the ‘war on terror’ has long been used by governments to advance their own agendas at home and abroad and clearly defines Muslims as the enemy. Having said that, the36unfolding in Nigeria must be seen within the global political environment. These international dynamics provide more questions than answers and remains a challenge for mainstream media to unpack and unravel. For instance:

1. The appearance in a UK court of one Gary Hyde and his German colleague Karl Kleber, charged with shipping 80 000 rifles and 32 million rounds of ammunition to Nigeria. Their commission was $1.3 million. On whose behalf are they acting?

2. Who were the Nigerian buyers?

3. Why has the government of Nigeria has remained silent on the matter?

4. Were these arms destined for clandestine operations designed to promote civil and inter-religious strife?

5. Both these arms dealers have deeply questionable reputations.

The Muslim leadership in Nigeria has distanced itself from all acts of terror attributed to Muslim groups.

The MRN further asks: Who benefits from this type of civilian unrest? There may be many suspects out there and not only the Muslims. When you connect the dots from Afghanistan to Iraq to Guantanamo Bay to Kashmir to Palestine, you can see a systematic onslaught against a group of people called Muslims.

That there is a serious disconnect between the truth, half-truth and blatant lies, is not in doubt. What is contested is whose fault it really is.

Given that the Western media dominates almost all discourse, Islam and Muslims are blamed for everything that goes wrong in the world. There is very little admission that much of the chaos in the world is caused primarily by Western policies that affect others in profoundly negative ways.

Issued by:

Ibrahim Vawda

Senior Researcher – Media Review Network

Tel: 012 374 6987

Cell: 072 295 0088