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Press statement expression of regret from mercedes benz south Africa

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PRESS STATEMENT: Expression of ‘Regret’ from Mercedes Benz South Africa

The Media Review Network announces that it has received an apology from the President and CEO of Mercedes-Benz South Africa, Mr. Hansgeorg Niefer.

In his response to our correspondence Vis a Vis the Islamophobic material emanating from staff members, Mr. Niefer articulated his company’s regret and we quote: “I would like to express my deep and sincere regret for this incident….”   Mr. Niefer assured Media Review Network  that the employees acted on their own initiative.

The policy of Mercedes-Benz South Africa, with regard to company resources is zero tolerance and according to Mr. Niefer, “we instantly initiated disciplinary action”. Mr. Niefer also gave the assurance that Mercedes-Benz South Africa will ensure that “something like this does not happen again”.

Mr. Niefer not only spoke on behalf of Mercedes-Benz South Africa but also for Daimler AG in Germany.