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Protest against the French niqaab ban

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Issued By: Muslim Students Association Gauteng

The Muslim Students Association in Gauteng condemns the decision taken by the French government to forbid face coverings (Niqaab) in public, a measure which is aimed specifically at outlawing some 2,000 or so Muslim women from deciding how they dress and conform to their religion.

One is baffled as to how a country that made famous the concepts of ‘liberty’, ‘equality’, and ‘fraternity’, can turn against its founding principles, and impinge on people’s liberty so drastically. More over this proposed ban goes against the universal declaration of human rights which asserts that freedom of religion (by religion, the right to dress according to one’s will is also implied) is an integral and indispensable right.

The Muslim Students Association supports the right of Muslim women to choose to wear the Hijaab without fear of prejudice. It is for this reason that a rally is being held outside the French Embassy in Pretoria, as well as to stop other countries from pursuing similar actions. (Details of the protest can be found at the end of this document)

For more information, please contact Ibrahim Patel at 072 105 0919 or email at

Alternatively you can contact:

– Aqeela Dinat – 082 211 9400

– Amina Khotoo – 082 7444 335

DATE: 20TH MAY 2011

TIME: 10am – 12pm


CONTACT: AMINA 082 7444 335 0R ZAEEM 082 743 1023

The Muslim Student Association (MSA) is a student based society at South African universities nationally. It aims to serve the needs of Muslim students on campus and maintains a considerable interest in community outreach and developmental projects.