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Response from mercedes benz south Africa to media review network

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Response From Mercedes-Benz South Africa to Media Review Network

We have been made aware, that during the course of last week individual staff members from our company sent out emails with content of which members of the Islamic community may take offence.

The respective employees acted in a private initiative and illegally abused our company email for this purpose.   Mercedes-Benz South Africa has a zero tolerance policy in this regard and we instantly initiated disciplinary action.

On behalf of Mercedes-Benz South Africa as well as on behalf of Daimler AG in Germany I would like to reiterate our pride in our long successful history and tradition as global multi-cultural and multi-national organisations.   In fact, our diversity has always been an integral and elementary contributor to our success.

I would like to express my deep and sincere regret for this incident and promise that we will do everything possible to ensure, that something like this does not happen again.

Dr Hansgeorg Niefer
President & CEO
Mercedes-Benz South Africa (Pty) Ltd.